About The Project

The goals of our pre-school are straightforward:

  • First, to perpetuate the Catholic Church through exposure of our doctrine and practices at an earlier age.
  • Second, to provide a preschool choice to young families that offers a solid foundation for Catholic Christianity, attitudes, and service.
  • Third, to encourage young people and their families who enroll in the pre-school, to continue their education at St. Patrick School, thereby  increasing financial support to our school and our Parish.
  • Fourth, to provide a wheelchair accessible venue in the form of a multi-purpose room that can be used by the parish community for small gatherings.


St. Patrick parish will be celebrating our 150th anniversary next year; our school will be completing 128 years of service to our community.  As the parish celebrates this milestone, St. Patrick School plans to complete its campus by breaking ground for the new preschool that will serve children ages 3 to 5.

To make this a reality, we need everyone’s help! To date, we have secured the site, received city approvals, and have the plans and blueprints for the facility completed. Many parishioners have already participated in a variety of ways to raise the dollars and continue to do so.

Brochures are available to take home and learn about the opportunities available for you to be part of the foundation of our preschool. Various levels of participation are still available to help us reach this goal. If you have any questions or would like to offer a suggestion – please feel free to e-mail us, or you can call one of our board members.

In addition to this grassroots effort, we know many parishioners work for companies who may be looking for a high profile, community service project to support through their Corporate Giving program. If your company has such a program, we hope you may suggest the pre-school project to them or, if it would be more comfortable, you may forward a name to the board and we will initiate the contact.

Our growing parish, the expansion of established companies within our city limits, and the economic redevelopment downtown (just three blocks away) is bringing us an ever increasing number of workers with young families searching for a safe, close by pre-school for their children, thus providing economic sustainability for the project.

Many generations of students have been successful at St. Patrick School, some are sitting among us here at mass today, and they know first-hand the lasting value of a catholic education. A recent comment we received from a parent of a high school sophomore who initially enrolled her daughter just for kindergarten, but stayed through 8th Grade sums up the importance of our mission:

I am so glad I sent her to St. Patrick– the excellent teachers, the discipline, the emphasis on morals and ethical behaviors.  She is doing very well in high school and it makes me proud.

As a result this parent donated two memorial bricks to support the new preschool in lasting memory of her child’s experience at St. Patrick. We are sure you all agree that the economic demands on today’s young families has gone unabated, many times both parents working multiple jobs. The need for a safe, convenient, pre-school center for their children, steeped in Catholic values, has never been greater. The preschool years are when faith is formed!  These will be our future church families.

We hope you feel this is a worthy goal and we hope you will prayerfully consider joining this effort in creating another valuable addition to catholic education here at St. Patrick parish.



St. Patrick School Preschool Board

$157,723.00 USD

Help Little Panther Preschool Reach Their Goal!

Raised of $450,000 Goal

Help Donate

There are plenty of ways you can help the St. Patrick Preschool achieve its goal!

Choose your engraving options to be featured in the school structure.

PRAYER GARDEN BRICK ($60.00) - 1-3 lines engraved on a brick in our outside PRAY GARDEN

WELCOME MURAL ($250.00) - 1-2 lines engraved. The mural will be painted by Sean O' Connor, Alumni of St. Patrick School.

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